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  1. Using ASCIIPlots.jl

    No Julia plotting package has been crowned king yet. Winston and Gadfly are the main competitors. PyPlot is a Julia wrapper around Python's matplotlib; it is a stop-gap for use while the native Julia implementations mature. However, all three of these packages have non-Julia dependencies; this can cause installation ...

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  2. Julia introspects

    When people are introspective, they're thinking about how their minds work, about how and why they think what they do. The Julia language has some impressive facilities for letting you see how the compilers' mind works. Using convenient built-in functions that are available both at the REPL1 and ...

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  3. Well, that was embarrassing.

    I have long been confused by the strange behavior of integers as arguments to functions. If I pass a variable into a function, I expect the function to be able to modify it. This expectation applies to variables local to the calling context and to global variables; it also applied ...

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