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Hi. My big project right now is writing the book Learning Julia for O'Reilly; the pre-release should be online by the end of the year, and I'll post a link here when it's up.

I love getting other people excited about Julia and helping them get better at using it. I've spoken at national and international conferences and local meetups; please see my Speaking page if you'd like me to speak at your meetup or conference. If you're a company who'd like my to run a workshop teaching you how to use Julia effectively for your specific problems and environment, please see my Consulting page.

I'm a proud alumni of Hacker School. That's where I learned Julia, applied for my first conference talks, and gained an awesome support network. If you want to become a better programmer through intentional practice and join a community of kind, awesome programmers doing the same thing, then Hacker School is definitely a place for you. When I think about all the things in my life now (2 years after applying) that stemmed from attending Hacker School, it's clear to me that going to Hacker School is the highest ROI decision I've ever made.

One of the people who's in my life because of Hacker School is my favorite person, Dan Luu. He writes about programming from his perspective as an ex-CPU designer, and sometimes explains hardware for programmers. His posts are insightful and carefully researched. I'm still working on getting him to write about Julia. :)