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I'm a Software Enginner at Google in Madison, WI. I write C++ and work on making networks fast.

In my free time, I code in Julia. Of my open-source projects, I’m most proud of TypeCheck.jl, a static-analysis package for Julia.

I've given Intro to Julia workshops at Hacker School , Lambda Jam, Strange Loop, and Strata. I've spoken about Julia at JuliaCon,, StrangeLoop, and YOW!. Please see Speaking for more details.

I'm currently working on a introductory Julia book for O'Reilly: Learning Julia. I'll post a link here when the pre-release is up, which should be later this year.

My favorite person is Dan Luu. He writes about programming from his perspective as an ex-CPU designer, and sometimesexplains hardware for programmers. His posts are insightful and carefully researched. I'm still working on getting him to write about Julia. :)