Mar 8, 2017  

Hi. I’m a software engineer at Pivotal in NYC, working on Cloud Foundry. Pivotal does 100% pair programming, which is my favorite way to write software.

I’ve done two batches at the Recurse Center, one in Fall 2016 and one in Winter 2013. Besides the stated goal of becoming a better programmer (which happened), I also made close friends and discovered I like living in NYC.

My first batch of Recurse Center (Hacker School at the time) was among the highest impact choices I’ve made. I was encouraged and supported in applying for (and giving) my first conference talk/workshop. I gained a huge support network (the alumni community). I dug into programming projects just for fun, including contributing to opensource for the first time. And I met my partner, Dan. It influenced a lot of the friends I’ve made and projects I’ve done in the years since my first batch.

My second batch was less impactful, but very fun - which was the goal. I got to do a lot of pair programming, meet more people, encounter more new ideas, and decide I do like solving performance problems and that machine learning is more interesting than I expected.

Speaking at conference is one of my hobbies. I’ve spoken at a bunch of conferences, so I put all that in it’s own page – my speaking page. Recently, I’ve been speaking about WebSockets and experimenting with hand-drawn slides. I also enjoy speaking about how binary file formats work.

Prior Employment

  • Stripe: deployment infrastructure, internal search as a Software Engineer, remotely
  • Google: C++ library to make networks go fast as a Software Engineer
  • Julia: static-analysis of Julia in Julia as a Research Asistant
  • Jane Street: internal tools as a Dev Intern
  • Fog Creek: improvements to Kiln (source control tool) as an Intern
  • Havey Mud REU: garbage collection data analysis as a Student


I graduated from Johns Hopkins in Dec 2013, with a MSE and a BS in Computer Science. As my master’s project, I wrote TypeCheck.jl, a static analysis tool for Julia in Julia; my advisor was Prof. Scott Smith.