Aug 3, 2018  

My hobbies are scrapbooking and taking photos. I’m really exited about my new Sony RX1 camera, which is nearly as much better than my Lumix LX10 than the LX10 is better than my iphone camera. The differences are more noticeable in lower light, but nearly all indoor photos are low-light, so it makes a huge difference to everyday photos. I would 100% reccomend buying a used RX1 over a new RX100 (they are currently similar in price). The better photos are making me more excited to scrapbook them.

For scrapbooking, I’m focusing on learning new techniques and skills this year. I got a Brother Scan-n-Cut and am trying to find all the ways to use it – cutting out stamps, cutting out the patterns from patterned paper, cutting out cutfiles, cutting out paper to back the cutfiles. Other, more manual, skills I’m learning this year: copperplate calligraphy, watercolors, hand stitching on paper, wet embossing.

I work at Pivotal Cloud Foundry in NYC. This is the best job I’ve ever had – working on infrastructure with kind, thoughtful engineers while pair programming. I’ve never been more productive at work or more able to stop thinking about work when I go home.

The Recurse Center

I attended the Recurse Center twice – in Fall 2016 and Spring 2013. My first batch of Recurse Center (Hacker School at the time) was among the highest impact choices I’ve made. I was encouraged and supported in applying for (and giving) my first conference talk/workshop. I gained a huge support network (the alumni community). I dug into programming projects just for fun, including contributing to opensource for the first time. And I met my partner, Dan. It influenced a lot of the friends I’ve made and projects I’ve done in the years since my first batch.

My second batch was less impactful, but very fun - which was the goal. I did a lot of pair programming, met more new friends, encountered new ideas, and decided I like dissecting binary formats and solving performance problems.

Prior Employment

  • Stripe: deployment infrastructure, internal search, remote
  • Google: C++ library to make networks go fast
  • Julia: static-analysis of Julia in Julia as a research assistant
  • Jane Street: internal tools as an intern
  • Fog Creek: improvements to Kiln (source control tool) as an intern
  • Havey Mud REU: garbage collection data analysis as a student

Favorite Talk Topics