Aug 3, 2018  

I’ve recently moved to Canada from the US. I’d love to get your advice if you live in Canada or have moved here from the US: I’m @astrieanna on Twitter.

I work at VMware (via the Pivotal acquisition). This is still the best job I’ve ever had – working on infrastructure with kind, thoughtful engineers while pair programming. I’ve never been more productive at work or more able to stop thinking about work when I go home. Currently, my focus is making our networking on Kubernetes scale.

The Recurse Center

I attended the Recurse Center twice – in Fall 2016 and Spring 2013. My first batch of Recurse Center (Hacker School at the time) was among the highest impact choices I’ve made. I was encouraged and supported in applying for (and giving) my first conference talk/workshop. I gained a huge support network (the alumni community). I dug into programming projects just for fun, including contributing to opensource for the first time. RC has influenced a lot of the friends I’ve made and projects I’ve done in the years since my first batch.

My second batch had less of an impact, but was very fun - which was the goal. I did a lot of pair programming, met more new friends, encountered new ideas, and decided I like dissecting binary formats and solving performance problems.

Prior Employment

  • Stripe: deployment infrastructure, internal search, remote
  • Google: C++ library to make networks go fast
  • Julia: static-analysis of Julia in Julia as a research assistant
  • Jane Street: internal tools as an intern
  • Fog Creek: improvements to Kiln (source control tool) as an intern
  • Harvey Mudd REU: garbage collection data analysis as a student

Favorite Talks I’ve Given