Assignment Manager -- Enroll in Courses

Nov 19, 2012   #assignment manager 

Today is one month to the day since I last updated this blog. At that point, I had finally added course homepages. Now, users can create and enroll in courses. They are also required to enter a username and email address. That’s really sad for a month’s time, and I wish I was forgetting some exciting feature.

There are things that need to be refactored:

  • Database code needs organizing, and more consistency
  • Courseids/etc should be more typesafe; I pass around too many Integers
  • Webroutes links cannot be embedded in pages with reform forms on them, yet, due to a type error
  • Forms code is not clean or concise; should read rest of tutorial

The next features I’m going to work on:

  • Assignments: create, edit, delete
  • TAs: professors can promote TAs
  • Roles: use roles to control access to courses
  • Courses: edit, delete, unenroll
  • Username/Email: edit
  • Submissions: file upload, examine archives

Since we’re getting close to the end of the semester, I’ve mapped out some longer term plans:

  1. By Nov 26: assignments, editing, deleting, submissions
  2. By Dec 3: teams, sending alert emails, download submissions
  3. By Dec 10: grading with rubrics, this is the last week to try to add new features
  4. By Dec 17: polish and document code. carefully test for bugs.