Assignment Manager -- First Post

Sep 18, 2012   #assignment manager 

Assignment Manager is a web-app written in Haskell on HappStack. The goal is to build a web interface to handle the assignment, submission, and grading interactions for a college course. Professors, TAs, and students will all interact with the application over the course of each assignment’s life cycle. You can see the repository on Bitbucket

So far, I’ve gotten part-way through the HappStack Crash Course. I’m going to work through the baby steps in the next week, and then move on to some real features.

Baby Steps:

  • type-safe routing
  • relational database
  • secure authentication

Basic Features:

  • professor sign ups
  • create/configure course, assignments
  • appoint TAs, enroll students
  • download submissions
  • upload grades

Plus Features:

  • email notifications
  • allow formation of teams per assignment
  • handle peer reviews automatically
  • grading rubrics

Advanced Features:

  • universal unit tests
  • pretty charts